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Burnett Velvet Truffles

Burnett Velvet Truffles

  • £26.50

Presented in red box

A limited number of boxes of 20 truffles with 2 flavours 

The maximum shelf life of the Velvet Truffle is 6 weeks due to the cream base Ganache.  The pure cocoa, cream and or crushed fruits have no added preservatives or stabilisers It is recommend that they are kept at <18c.

World class chocolatier Iain Burnett is internationally recognized as a master truffle specialist for his unique truffle petit four…..The Velvet Truffle

He uses a rare premium-grade cacao from the South Atlantic island of São Tomé and an exceptional sweet fresh cream from a single herd of Perthshire Friesians.

Rich volcanic soils add to the powerful flavour of the 71% cocoa chocolate.

Clients include Albert Roux, Gordon Ramsay & Holyrood Palace.